Monday, December 15, 2014


I've had quite a fuzzy memory of my life, I'm not dead! I am still living, still the memory of my past is so fuzzy as the life I've been living was on the fast lane...

I always wanted to slow down!!!

But, watching a lot of movies,TV shows and especially comedies will fry your memory and mind. You'll need to sit and think a lot while to come up with something meaningful to say, that is a non-funny thing :)

Recently I've been watching a lot of Doctor Who episodes, I'm upto the third season, The Tenth Doctor David Tennant is just brillian!! miss Billi pepper though :(

but, rewatching Boyhood was amazing, it is the movie; it's like a slice of life..

I hope there's more of these movies coming in the future, I mean we don't want all the movies to be overwhelming....and just so ignorant on story detail...

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