Monday, February 9, 2015

Julie and Julia- Nora Ephron

Watching a Nora Ephron movie riles you up to write; 'Julie and Julia' almost a chick flick, but foodies like me will love it too.

In the credits it was mentioned that the film is based on two true stories. I wondered how can a single film be made from two different true stories, and found that Nora has exploited the non-linear method. The stories happen in two separate periods, post WWII and post 9/11.

There's Julia Childs, bold woman who is interested in cooking and has a sweet husband. He has arranged for them to stay in Paris in the awesome time of 1950s. Ah! Paris, sweet sweet Paris. Julie who is also interested in cooking but belongs in a different time the 19th century, 2002 right after the WTC incident. Julie is working as a call center agent for the Government, mundane routine has made her a soul-less being. Julie's husband advices her to write a blog; she hesitates at first but begins with a deadline in mind, to cook 400 or so recipes within a year and blog about the challenges. I could relate to Julie as she too was looking for some exciting thing to do. In a scene Julie says, I don't want the blog to be about my life. She is already fed up with her life, and writing about it isn't going to be much of a help. My feelings exactly, and many a times she begs the reader to respond; as she isn't sure if her blog is reaching someone or not. Side-note:The very fear conquers me too! So reader please respond, I'm pouring my guts out.

So, the movie is nice and you will be glad to have watched it. Soon after the movie, I was thinking if I must go live in Paris and learn cooking just like Julia Childs. I've spent lots of time acquiring taste. I've explored different restaurants, tasted their dishes and have spent my hard earnings for the pleasure of it. At this moment, I really want to consider the sanity of Wine tasting. Still I'd rather drink them instead of spitting out the aged elixirs.

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