Monday, February 2, 2015


I mean 'roam', I purposefully changed the title of the post. The purpose is of course to attract thee, my dear reader.

Let me thank you first, for spending time reading this blog (amidst your busy routine). Then, let me ponder onto the mysterious happening of today.

I was to attend an interview today, and I did; patiently was I waiting for the results. And, came late the HR with the decision. She explained to me the procedure of the selection process, and the levels of clearance my profile need to attain. I wasn't at all fed up, there are just two choices an organization can make, hire me or not. Why should I lose my precious sleep over that. As simple as Tom Hanks' ideology in Terminal there is always a 50% chance of success so never quit trying :)

Determined and patient was I to not move; many Companies have a policy of testing the patience of the candidate. So, I decided not to move a muscle, yeah just like 'statue'. Enough of the Interview, I was asked to leave with the usual closing lines "We'll get back to you".

Walking away from the company, I confided my situation and learned about the company's current situation from some of the employees who were chatting in the parking lot. If they have openings, I'll surely be getting a call. As usual after some serious time-out, I was hungry; went to the Adyar Bakery. It is quite good, I've such an appetite for sweet dishes. I once checked out the Chocolate truffle, and this time there was a hot dog like dish called the 'Eclair'. It melted in my mouth, the dish made my mind go 'wow!

And, to top that, there was a cutely stunning looking girl who was about to cross the road. I finished the dish, paid up and was out the door just in time to walk with her. I followed the girl, she went a long way into the dwindling streets of where I reside. This was actually the very first time I followed a girl. I am against the concept of following girls like their watchdogs; the reason, I'm always occupied with something. If not something useful, something silly and entertaining like watching The Simpsons. Time is a precious thing and mustn't be wasted, but for the right girl-what the hell!

On the way, I got a call regarding a job opportunity. Almost sincerely I replied to the caller, and there was a small crash. A guy on a bike, a kid who was riding a bicycle. It wasn't serious. Ignoring the minor accident I walked steadfast, coping up with the unsuspecting(I hope :) girl. She suddenly went inside a shop, oh shit! She knows, she definitely knows that a guy is following her. I stopped in the middle of the road, acted like I was lost. Fumbled for the map in my phone, and realized that she has made a purchase-'a curd packet'(yeah!). And, was off to her house; I was following like a loyal dog, who was up for a treat. She vanished into a corner, and there were three houses. I am not sure which one she went inside, but maybe just maybe I'll see her again and I'll share this bizarre, yet true story with her. I don't know who she is, who she was or what she could be. For quite a moment, I was drawn to her and that's that. This might even be a good opening for me (not specifically for this girl:), maybe the first sweet anecdote that I'll share with my girl. Chances of the girl I followed, being mine I'd say is 50-50, she might become my girl friend or maybe not. Those are good odds :p

Ah! Life, unpredictability is thy defining quality.

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