Tuesday, March 17, 2015

For the love of it...

Why did I call my last post 'Redundancy'?
Is there a connection between the title and the post?
Am I a good writer if I explain one of my post in another?"
That's how I was planning on beginning this post...until my team leader saw my words and yelled...
"You call this writing?"
It was a Rambo's fist to my gut, I stopped writing. Went out with my colleagues and paid they're smoking bills. Paying for passive smoking isn't so prudent wouldn't you say?
Why can't I grab onto my thoughts a little more firmly?

Why do I feel like, 'I speak volumes but say none'?(This verse has been stuck in my mind for sometime now).
Maybe I'm doomed to die 'trying to be a writer'. I know that I'm not alone in feeling like Salieri, cursing the god(s) for giving the longing but not the talents.
Most of my thoughts begin as a 'what if' or as a really good story in my mind. Soon they turn to a ruinous path, I fail to identify the crucial differences between reality and fiction. I write a lot about myself, of what happened to me and how I feel and think. This as clearly pointed out by my dear friend is redundant.
The truth is I really love writing, I like to write about reality.
I must digress, for this post isn't 100% real. I thought if I added some lie, make it a fictional conversation it might be a better read.
The reality is it's a bit late,and I'm on one of my long walks in the empty streets of my neighborhood, typing this post in my mobile phone; almost bumping into parked vehicles.
Isn't the act of doing something for the pure love of it, practiced or appreciated anymore?
I do want to be a good writer, I'm on that very path. I don't feel the heavy shackles of review and grammatical mistakes on my shoulders. I've come to a deeper understanding recently, the quality of the material written is determined by the reader alone and it is by their standards they review my talent.
I must credit Prasanna for pointing out that 'one must leave it to posterity to decide on the quality of a work' and 'The maverick' writer Pudhumaipithan for putting my thoughts into words:

Just like God is not bound by theologians, my creations are not bound by your conventional standards. I am not responsible for that and neither are my creations. I would like to point out it is YOUR standards you are using to judge my creations.”

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