Monday, March 23, 2015

On Art and Its Form

"The end is important in all things."
                    -Tsunetomo Yamamoto, Hagakure

A creator must be clear on the final form of his creation. It is with this knowledge that he can strive towards perfection.

How can he be sure that his artistry has attained its desired and complete form?

One must have forethought in his work, and immense confidence on his ability. To create something is not a simple feat, an artist gives life to his work by giving a piece of himself. He dies a little in the process of creating life (Neil Diamond).

To create something is not as important as to create a meaningful piece of work. The ability to close one's mind, to stop and say its done, finished, is a difficult quality to attain.

An amateur writer like I, can document my life, share my thoughts and write my daily encounters word by word. But, the volume of information cannot measure to a single powerful phrase. Like:

The song and dance of ideas from genesis to completion of an art in itself is poetic.

Thus, to create a meaningful art, an artist must be wary of the art form he picked. Toil, but with ample knowledge. Strive, but in the right direction. What is the right direction? That, the artist must find for himself, for there isn't just one right path. Upon his journey towards this path (Tao-way), he will find it in himself the right answers that he once sought outside. In this is the peace and tranquility of being an artist.

And, important of all as Yamamoto suggests; the end must be sharp and vivid. It may not be too climactic as there are limitations to certain forms, but it must convey a strong and clear message. Just thrust the bayonet a little deeper.

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