Sunday, May 10, 2015

To Write

A writer needs more than pen and paper to write. As Picasso suggests to know what to paint, one must start painting. A strong will to write and the act of writing are key factors to write.

The ingredients for good writing:
  • Will to write,
  • Confidence,
  • Knowledge on the subject,
  • Practice and
  • Dichotomy.

As a sculptor needs his chisel, a writer needs practice. Also comes in handy to those without the luxury of an editor, dichotomy-- the ability to see your work from an objective standpoint. The talent is required to edit and re-write, the final and decisive stage of writing. It's like operating on yourself, if done cautiously the reward is worth the pain.

A writer can gain knowledge of the subject, learn the nuances of the language, all at his desk. But, to say something in his own voice he needs a life! Without that voice he is just a malfunctioning typewriter! As the lotus flower reflects the depth of the pond, a writer's words show the understanding and knowledge of his heart and mind.

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  1. not everyone can replicate their thoughts into words on paper !! you can :)