Thursday, May 14, 2015

Fluttering with a rhythm

My mind has been numbed by inactivity. Even the 'Medium difficulty Sudoku' seem hard to solve, for my mind is fluttering in many directions while I attempt to decipher the puzzle. The clouds of doubt and negativity are slowly receding, I can sense that I'm growing stronger mentally. I can feel the clarity in my thoughts, and know that they will reflect in my writings.

In my previous post I decided to 'just write', and to do that in a posh manner. As I usually would, I sent it to one my friend expecting criticism. He was kind enough to praise my effort, but suggested that it was 'didactic'. He asked me to write about how I feel, instead of preaching.

Coming to think of it, how do I feel?

The question brings to my mind, the visual of master Bruce Lee teaching a kid to 'feel' in the movie “Enter the Dragon”. I feel sometimes good, that I'm taking some time off to relax. With so much time at hand, I'm reading but not enough and not at the rate of my expectation. Having filled my shelves with books, I wonder 'when am I going to finish reading all these books?'.

I was under the impression that fiction was far more superior than non-fiction. As all the life lessons are told in a story form. I was convinced there was no need to read self-help and other material. I couldn't have been more wrong. Without self-help books it is hard to raise one's self esteem. People are busy with their own lives these days, and thus fail to see a struggling soul and lend their helping hand.

Pragmatic thinking is necessary to move up in the world, and solve personal issues. It is necessary to grow as a human. I believe, growing to be more humane is the sole purpose of life. (I can't stop being didactic :))

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