Thursday, January 22, 2015

Smitten, I was Smitten

Stepping out of the hostel I realised 'yeah! it drizzles the one day that I decided to leave my umbrella behind'. Strange enough, I also wasn't listening to any music while I was out the door. Maybe I needed a break from the monotony. I was a little late to the bus stand than usual, and wondering if I need to ride the dreaded MTC standing amongst the mad crowd.
I am claustrophobic, but had no time to worry about it; I'll be late to the office. So I boarded the bus, a pole struck my eye; I needed a support to rest by back throughout the ride. A few girls got into the bus, spite of the over crowdedness of the vehicle.
I was reading Study in Scarlet on my mobile, and took a quick break. That was the moment a beauty stole my vision, ah! Words can't come close to explain what I felt. The girl was gone! She saw my gaze, didn't respond; the girl didn't even smile she took a look at me and was off. I was totally smitten, lost in a sense of wonder. Asked some random girl if there was a specific IT company nearby; coz I noticed that that girl who stole my thoughts, wore the watch with that companies logo. She said meh, I replied huh?
Lost in thought-whether or not to take the same bus, at the same time again tomorrow. I got back to the book, some more girls entered the bus. I was focused on the book, and the back of my mind was on the girl who didn't even smile. Some time elapsed, my destination grew closer and I decided to close the book.
Almost close to the stop, I was near the footsteps of the buses' entrance; ha one more cute and lively girl caught my eye. I did the same thing, I smiled a little at her; I was mesmerized at her beauty. She recognized my gaze, responded with a 'thank you' smile. I was lit like a Christmas tree, happiness took complete hold of me. I was floating in the air while crossing a busy road. Her smile gave me the boost of a thousand kisses.
From the bus stop I didn't get into any Auto as I regularly would, decided to walk this time. Was somewhat tired from the walk; had a quick snack before entering the office. Happiness is still around, you just need to wait patiently till it finds you.

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