Saturday, June 6, 2015

The 'Kakka Muttai' experience

I've had a good time watching the film that has garnered such hype. The simple fact that the movie has gained two National Awards has made it a better sell. I was disheartened by the short review in the poster, 'the best feel good movie of the decade'(I prefer tragedy to comedy).

The story of Kakka Muttai is well layered. Manigandan has managed to give a entertaining non-masala film. He has successfully showed the true state of rural Chennai, and the impact of Globalization. The pulling factor of the movie undoubtedly was the performances of the actors. Not just the main characters but all the little ones that has made a lasting impression, in-spite of the less screen time.

I found that all the actors performed in a subtle manner. There was no yelling or demanding physical actions, which is quite surprising in a Tamil film. For this I'd like to commend Manigandan.

Apart from writing and directing this film he has also shot this. From the first shot that zooms out quite slowly to reveal the countless slum houses which are just tents of plastic sheets and metal scrapings, he has kept the visuals quite pleasing.

After all the praises I'd like to confess that I wasn't emotionally satisfied by the film. The characters though well played by the skilled actors seemed to lack depth. Maybe it's just me wanting more of the Kakka Muttais.