Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Are skills innate?

I hate it when someone says “it comes naturally to me”.

I've been striving to read and write all my life. I've only come this far. My friend says that it comes naturally to him and only if he practiced like me he'd be a lot more proficient. That's not what I'd like to hear. It's like the film 'Amadeus'. Why should I be Salieri while I perceive of myself to be Mozart?

How come certain skills are rampant in some people. And, no matter how hard others try they can't even scratch the bottom of excellence?

This is my humble state of mind. The only conclusion I could arrive at is that, I haven't practiced enough. I open a document file and pour my heart out. But, it's those silly people who lack the time to go through my posts. They simply rate me with their standards, and I've to face the fate of their judgment.

I yearn to be more, that's the motto of my life. If people could realize that, I hope they will give honest remarks on my blog posts. A few people read my posts and fewer still comment on it. Some have the audacity to leave behind a thumbs up icon. Am I to understand that you've read my post, if you can't even bring yourself to type a comment?

I'm not lashing out on you kind readers. But it takes effort to write, like any other I simply require recognition for it. I seek criticism, only if I know the mistakes (if any) I make can I improve myself. Take this post as a straight from the heart request to take some time and go through my blog and give your honest opinion. I for one believe like the J.K. Simmons character in 'Whiplash', “there is nothing more harmful than the words: 'good job' ”.


  1. Awesome writing....I would like to share that few skills may be innate for some....but I doubt if they should be called skills or something else....

  2. dont get so easily discouraged dude..!! keep writing your heart out and rate yourself based on your previous works..!! keep writing :)

    1. Thanks for your encouraging words. I do write everyday. Hope you do too.