Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Broadway Danny Rose

The movie opens up with a up-beat mesmerizing song 'Agita'. Comedians shares their trouble with bits.

“..It's a good joke it has been working for years, last night it died.”

“It works when I do it.”

“You do that joke? Maybe that's where I got it”

You can get a sense of how comedians use each others bits and don't accuse anyone.They gather up and start talking and Danny Rose comes up.

Now, we are off to Danny's story. Slowly we learn about this character, a friendly talent scout/manager. He'll back you up with everything he's got, that is if he believes in you.

As we go further into the story we learn about Lou, a has been Italian singer. He is gaining some attention and Danny's got to do everything about that. Lou has a problem with drinking and women. Danny helps out Lou by fixing things with Tina (Lou's extramarital girlfriend).

Tina a seemingly stuck up woman, wins us over with her stunning looks. Men go crazy for her. One of her admirers - Johnny cuts his wrist to show his love. Tina has come to her relatives to fix things as per a fortuneteller's suggestion.

 All the while Danny is with Tina speaking laurels of Lou, trying to mend things. This turns into an adventure while Tina's Mafioso relatives mistake Danny for her boyfriend and seek vendetta for Johnny.

While running from the crazy Italians they get to have an intimate moment, and an adventure. This is the where the love story of Tina and Danny pick up.

In a weird scene Tina and Danny are stuck in an industrial chamber. A gun goes off and hits a Helium tank, releasing the gas all over. Every character's voice is pitched up by the gas, and this scene surely the funniest moment in the movie.

At a crucial stage, besides Danny's good nature and friendliness Tina advices against him to Lou. And he sacks him.

Broken down, Danny visits his ventriloquist friend in hospital who has been hit by the Italians. Previously Danny has pointed to Bonnie Don the silly ventriloquist as Tina's boyfriend to save Lou. Of course Danny was under the impression Don was away from the city. After the visit, Danny walks out of the hospital and rain pours onto him. We see how true Danny has been to Lou, and how Lou has simply laid off Danny for a better career.

After this moving scene we have one of the comedians hearing the narrative go: “I thought this was a funny story”, Woody lays it right on us.

Tina falls head over heals for Danny. In the very last scene Danny has fun celebrating Christmas with his friends. Tina shows up and is all sympathetic, yet Danny refuses her. I was so involved with the scene that I  wished Danny would run up to Tina and take her back, and he does. Few movies make us want something to happen in the screen and deliver satisfaction for our expectations. This movie is one such rare work of art.

Broadway Danny Rose has been one of the most funny and moving picture by Woody Allen. The movie boasts wonderful actors and has a simple and direct story. The variety of characters conjured up by Woody are full of life. You'll definitely fall in love with Danny, and hence Woody after watching Broadway Danny Rose.

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