Monday, June 15, 2015

Western meets the Flatheads*

*A flathead or a hot-rod is a type of car that has flat elongated engine like a V8.

Mad Max: Fury Road by George Miller is nothing short of a spectacle. The wide screen magic lasted quite long, but the epic scenes were spilled all over the movie.

Though the story is as simple as Damsels in distress; the visual appeal and scope of the movie is the one I've been wanting to see for quite a while now. There's magic in the light that hits the silver screen, and few movies make use of it. I remember crouching down like the first audience of 'The Great Train Robbery' during some parts of the movie. The visuals were spell-bounding, yet not so overwhelming to distract you from the story.

It's one big chase with artful sensibilities of Tim Burton and epic in scale like that of Sergio Leone's films. There were very limited dialogue, which was a blessing for I was watching in a local theater that played a dubbed version. I felt like the movie should have ended a bit earlier.

I remember when I yelled to my friend beside me in the theater, “machan Surreal da”. There were so many action sequences, yet never did I feel lost in the mayhem. The 70 year old director has pulled of such a feat and has gained millions of new fans to the franchise.

The after effects of the movie is quite lasting, it has been more than three days since I watched the movie. Still I remember the shock and awe I had while the sandstorm sequence played. The lightening was made to illuminate the scene in different tone, I felt like I was high on shrooms watching this sequence.

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