Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A little more personal...

I always had to catch up, since I was and still am reluctant to follow the tide. I believe in swimming the other direction. Respecting the authority and the rules have always been a problem for me. I think rebellion is common among creative people. I'm a more self involved person, at times my behavior may seem selfish. Only those who had had spend some(more) time to know me, can actually know me. Needless to say I've had problems with understanding girls. A rare breed of creatures I must still devote a lot more time to comprehend and mingle with.

Spending too much time in your head might make you go cuckoo. Trust me, I went further into my mind than any other 'normal' person had visited theirs. But, finding your way back to reality is not so easy. I had to take therapy, boggle down a bunch of antidepressants, and boy that was not fun. I hate that, I have to depend on a pair of glass to read and enjoy a book. Now, imagine if I had to rely on some medicine to feel a bit more like other people. Here goes one relevant Facebook status update of mine:

"Sanity is a not a matter of perception for those who rely on prescription."

I had the habit of avid reading, and without proper guidance I read material that were beyond my age and comprehension. When I was 16, I read a Tamil book on a detailed explanation of the research and life of Sigmund Freud. And, after a few years got my hands on 'Interpretation of Dreams' by Sigmund Freud. Ignoring the warning of the father of psychoanalysis, I played dice with my mind. The phrase "When one tries to rise above Nature one is liable to fall below it." by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has haunted me time and time again. 

Let my jagged road to sanity be a kind warning to the readers, the reality might seem boring but bear with it. Try to not to spice up things with over indulgence of drugs or alcohol, else you will be a desperate slave to it. If you want to be truly free, you have to be a master of your body, mind, and soul. It is easy to feel at ease, confident, and comfortable with one's self while intoxicated; but, doing the same while being sober is hard. You have two paths ahead of you, pray pick the path less traveled; it is hard and definitely is worth it.

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