Saturday, January 10, 2015

Can you tell me something about yourself?

Can you tell me something about yourself? is 'The dreaded question' by every job seeker. Most of the interviewees answer by talking about his hometown, high-school and college education. But, the recruiter wants to know about your recent work experience, your current/previous employer and your roles and responsibility in that organization. The best thing to do is to draw a map in your head, draw a pyramid and list all your positive attitudes in it. As the answer to the 'dreaded' question, work your way up to the ladder from completing projects within the deadline, types and categories of projects that you've undertaken or gained knowledge in. Finally finish it up with you're best characteristic trait, it might be positive attitude, efficiency or plain old attention to detail.

Learn the difference between talent acquisition team and the recruiter. Talent acquisition team have to shortlist the profiles that have come in, their primary aim is to help as many candidates they've picked to get a job. They are doing this because it's their job to do so, just like salesperson's need to sell. And as they are selling something they have their targets which usually follow with incentives and accolades. The Recruiter is an animal of different breed, his job is to reject as many candidates as possible,and to pick the one who is perfectly right for the job. So, he needs a lot of convincing from the candidate. An interviewee must spend all his efforts to the recruiter, face him with all the might he could muster. One must gain knowledge of the post he/she is applying for, and strain damn hard to learn the nook and corner of it. The recruiter might ask anything that is related to do the job. If the job involves selling products, he might ask you to sell a pen to him. I had a difficult time selling a calculator to the recruiter. If you are nervous, don't say that out bluntly. Say that you're thirsty and would like a glass of water. And in the moment prepare for the answer, make an order of ideas and sell it to him just the way any salesperson would.

Clearing an interview, any interview is actually a easy thing if you're prepared for it. And being prepared is what most people have their difficulty in. As there are lot of misinformation and in-helpful guidelines floating about near the water-cooler and pretty much everywhere. Try to be confident, loud and clear. These are the basic qualities the recruiters want from the candidates.

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