Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Controlled explosion

Climbing out of the bus, I found it hard to walk besides Chennai's traffic. There are no more way/path for the pedestrians in the metropolitan city. The cars occupy most of the road, the heavy and medium sized four wheelers the rest and bikes are pure evil. The people who drive any bike has figured out the way to ride 'em everywhere, and I do mean EVERYWHERE; They just don't care about the pedestrians. Human beings who can't afford to buy a bike/car or someone who simply decided to ride on a bus are people who have a lot patience.                                       

A guy almost ran me over, the tire scratched my leg and I was ablaze with anger. Lucky for the guy behind the wheels, that I was in a good mood; I had it completely under control. I half-yelled at him, so that he realizes the mistake he committed. Being in control felt so powerful; I was happy that I didn't do anything that I might regret, and that was a great thing.

Life teaches you patience and be glad that you will learn to be a lot more patient. If a guy like me(read my blog completely and you'll know what I mean) can do it, you can do it. And, if you own a bike please make sure that you don't hit someone. Cheers and good luck on whatever you are planning to do.

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