Friday, January 2, 2015

I wanted to watch The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies

The festive season, a time for hope,joy and love. Special events/ festivals like Christmas and New Year to be celebrated. All my friends are scattered and busy with their own life, I can't blame them for I too am pretty occupied. Still my love for cinema seldom fades away, I was keen on watching Interstellar; booked it watched in on the first day all alone. But, I was kinda hoping for watching The Hobbit with my friends. Still waiting, asked my colleagues to join my venture today. Well I was alone and hate my lone time when there's nothing to do. At first my friend Amber denied my proposition, citing it's the first day of the new shift and thought that I was asking her out or something. Asked Joe too, he said he hasn't the time or money to spend it on movies. I wondered if what he said was actually true, isn't cinema worth the price?

I'm still pondering over that question in my mind. 

Why do we go to cinema theaters?

For me it's the movies and nothing else, and I don't look down on people who treat a movie/cinema as gathereing event. It has always been the thing that friends do together, spend some money for valuable time with their loved ones. Not me, I like to watch movies alone. Want to experience the whole cinematic experience, feel what the director wants me to feel. Yell,cry and laugh with the scenes, that is what I do in theatres; I don't have the habit of sitting idle and watching the film like any Tom, Dick or Harry.

Getting that off my chest, it takes a lot of time to plan these little get togethers. I'm always the spur of the moment guy, and decided to watch The Hobbit. Not even sure if I still remember the first two parts of the triology. I was going through the online booking portals, and man do they bag a lot of money with all the 'online' dealings. I understand the appeal of sitting at home and doing things, but what has it come to? I wanted to watch a much hyped Tamil movie 'Kathai Thiraikathai Vasanam Iyakkam', and I spent a lot of time searching for theatres and trying to get tickets, failed at all my efforts and finally went inside the theatre without a ticket caught a small glimpse of the movie before it ended, but was satisfied that my goal was partially achieved.

A avid movie goer should have the dedication to come to theate and buy tickets. But, these days I've to sit home weeks earlier and plan with the peers and book the tickets way ahead so that the opportunity isn't snatched away by someone else. I can still watch a movie whenever I want, but I've to pay the same amount for the ticket that too for a bad seat, thats way to closer to the screen. I've such great love for the cinema that I want all the seats close to the screens to burned to ashes. Anyone who wants to watch a movie must watch it with wholehearted happieness and satisfaction. Not like the terrible time I had watching the movie 'Inception' by sitting in the very first row, slouching in the seat looking up at the screen with a aching neck.

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