Tuesday, January 6, 2015

To enhance, one must observe.

I really love to write;not type. I always enjoyed the pleasure of writing with fountain pens. I was suggested to use fountain pens, citing that it'll help improve handwriting. The ball point pens were famous, cheap and stylish. Fountain pens however were traditional. One needs patience and forethought to use the traditional methods. I found that I don't scribble while I use fountain pens. If I use ball point ones, it'd be hard for me to read my own handwriting after a day or two. I love to get my hands really dirty while filling up the pen with ink. I'd consider the drops of inks on my hands as a reward for my efforts, like the bloodshed on a glorified war hero.

And, now I'm arbitrarily hitting the keys of a keyboard. I want personal a connection between the modern world and the traditional methods. The joy I had reading and re-reading my words on a published material, i.e printed magazine was overwhelming. And, I never got that feeling from my blog, I try to post meaningful status updates on Facebook and Twitter; and, as all regular writers would, I get pissed off with the lack of recognition. People don't update "What's on their mind" anymore. They post pictures, tag people who they're with, usually in a mall. And, wish people for their birthdays. People these days find it hard to type something cohesive. Even I spend less time on reading and spend loads of it watching a movie or a TV show. I have to get back on the road of heavy reading, intellectual thinking and meaningful writing. And, trying to write these days ha! that's hard. I mean the actual pen and paper writing, I'm so used to the method of typing to get my thoughts out. And, now trying to write legibly with a pen isn't that efficient. We've to adapt to the modern world, and Tweet like any other person would. Still coming up with something meaningful and catchy within the character limits of Twitter is hard than one could imagine. And, gaining an audience is harder still. Okay you got all the content, meaningful stuff that's is grammatically correct and fashionable; what's next?
You need to motivate the readers, visit their blog, read and comment. If you appreciate their comments they will reciprocate the kindness. And, this is the only way to get a number of followers to your blog/material.

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